Are you looking for a way to get fit, drop some weight or work on building your strength? CrossFit Gold Pact offers the right lesson to work on your personal goals. Take a look at our classes and join us! 

Workout of the day (WOD)


Work on your stamina in a challenging daily workout.

Our WODs are programmed to be challenging for both new and experienced CrossFit athletes. Our coaches help you adjust the level of individual exercises to ensure a safe and challenging environment. 

During the WOD you work on improving your stamina. We also focus on building skills like gymnastics, olympic lifting and building strength. Our daily programming offers a variety of skills and changes per day. 

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Olympic lifting (OLY)


Want to lift like an Olympian? Improve your Clean & Jerk and Snatch technique and skills 

This class will help you improve your barbell skills and perfect your lifts.

Every class we focus on a different technique and movement. By focussing on your movements you will be able to build strength in a responsible way.  

Each lesson starts with an extensive warm up routine to prepare your body for the heavy stuff. We will then focus on perfecting your Clean & Jerk and Snatch technique and do a lot of lifts!


60 - 120 MINUTES

For the experienced athlete who wants to challenge themselves a bit more! 

Are you familiar with all CrossFit movements and do you want to challenge yourself a bit more? Join our Compete class and see how strong you really are! 

During this class we exercise the full CompTrain program, including the ‘beyond the 60’.

A class might start with Olympic Lifting + Strength building, following by Gymnastics and the workout of the day. 

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Move better by loosening up your muscles and mind.

This class is about finding openness and release in both your body and mind. You go through a series of stretches and meditation exercises with an experienced coach.

Loosening up your body helps prevent injuries and improves the body’s ability to restore after a workout. This makes it an excellent addition to any CrossFit training schedule. This class works well right after another workout to cool down, or as a standalone recovery session.

Open Gym


Work on your skills without supervision. 

During Open Gym hours you can work on your skills without supervision of a coach. You are free to put together a workout yourself or to follow the workout of the day.

You can also use Open Gym to expand your daily workout with ‘Beyond the 60’ (this extra programming is ideal for the advanced athlete). This additional challenge is aligned with the CompTrain programming.

Open Gym hours are available throughout the day. And if you need help finding an Open Gym routine, feel free to consult the coaches to help you think along!

CrossFit for kids


A fun and joyful way to help your kid stay active. 

Is your child always active and playing around? Or are you looking for a way to help your child be more active and develop more self-confidence? Gold Pact introduces a fun weekly lesson for kids and teens.

It is important that children exercise regularly and sufficiently. CrossFit for kids offers a playful way to help them learn how to exercise in a responsible way. 

Our classes for kids are taught by one of our enthusiastic and certified coaches. This ensures a safe and fun environment for your kid.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an introduction class. You are also welcome to visit us during a class to see what it’s like! 



Fun workouts and events in addition to the regular daily programming. 

On holidays or special occasions we organize special workouts for our community. Think of a Marathon Rotterdam event, a monthly team WOD, an oliebollen run, Hero-WODs or special challenges to test your endurance. We promise you will have a good time!

Keep an eye on the schedule to stay informed about our specials. Members will be notified when new specials are planned.

Personal training

30 - 60 MINUTES

1-on-1 coaching to help you achieve your goals. 

Whether you want to build confidence by starting your CrossFit career with a couple of private lessons, or you want to improve specific skills. Personal training helps you achieve your goals in a focussed and inspiring way. 

Personal training always starts with an intake in which we talk about your goals and questions.

Your coach will then present you with a plan after which your journey starts! 

Contact us to discuss the possibilities!




Learn gymnastics skills under supervision of an experienced coach.

Supervised by an experienced gymnastics coach we teach you various gymnastics techniques and help you execute them properly. 

The lessons get progressively more challenging and in a set amount of weeks they guide you towards a specific movement. This can be a variant on the Pull-Up, a Muscle-Up or a Handstand Walk. You’ll get to do it all!

Functional Strength


Training your muscles in a more targeted way to gain functional strength.

The focus here is on training muscle groups that you normally might forget to train. These muscles are desperately needed to perform other movements though. An example of this is training your shoulders, biceps, triceps and back muscles and the positive effect this has on your Pull-Ups.

Everyone can participate in these classes


CrossFit Legends (~55+)


Low intensity group classes for people aged around 55 and older. The main focus of these classes is to create a fun and social environment. 

Workout tracks

To match your personal goals we offer our daily workouts in 3 different tracks. These tracks shouldn’t reflect your current skills, but instead be chosen based on what you want to achieve. Within each track you can scale your movements to match your level of fitness. 

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