Welcome to CrossFit Gold Pact

Welcome to your next fitness challenge. We will help you achieve your goals by motivating you to live a healthier lifestyle with movement at the core. Join our community of like-minded people and be prepared to become a CrossFit addict!

Free trial lesson and introduction course

We welcome athletes with any level of fitness or experience. You may choose to join any Workout of the Day (WOD) for free or start with our free CrossFit introduction course.

Free Workout of the Day (WOD)

Sign up for one of our daily workouts to experience the energy of Crossfit and our awesome community. Every class is supervised by a coach and we will make sure to explain all the basics to you during the workout.

What to expect from your first lesson?

In the 15 minutes before the lesson starts we will briefly show you around Gold Pact. You will then join a WOD (workout of the day). The trainer will briefly explain all the movements and after a proper warming up you’re ready to go! Make sure to bring a bottle of water and clothes suitable for a high intensity workout! 

Learn the basics with our introduction course

Are you new to CrossFit and do you prefer a bit more information about the sport and all the movements that often appear in a workout? Sign up for a special introduction course and we’ll take you back to basics. 

We will carefully demonstrate and practice the basic movements of CrossFit and give you an idea of what a daily workout normally feels like. 

We recommend this class for everyone who is new to CrossFit. If you recently joined Gold Pact and want to join this class, feel free to reach out to us! 

11 June 2022 - 12:30

CrossFit introduction course

In this 60-90 minute session we will cover all the basic movements of CrossFit and help you understand how workouts are structured.

This class is advised for all new athletes.

Classes and services

Why train at CrossFit Gold Pact?

Awesome community

The best part of Gold Pact is its diverse and welcoming community. Joining this group of likeminded people is the ultimate motivation to start a healthier life (and stick to it!). 

Skilled and experienced coaches

Every class is taught by one of our experienced coaches. While we focus on creating a challenging workout for everyone, we also focus on ensuring you perform the movements correct and safe. Our coaches can also help you with scaling options (to match your personal fitness level). 

reCOFFEEry community cafe

Whether you want to charge yourself up before your workout or cool down afterwards. We serve the best coffee in Rotterdam from our reCOFFEEry cafe. And did we mention we host monthly social events and specials throughout the year? 

In-house physio therapist

Meet Jurfysio, our in-house physio therapist. Jurryt is an avid CrossFit athlete and certified physio therapist. Schedule an appointment with him to discuss previous injuries or when you need help to prevent future issues! 

Check his website for more information and rates. 

Ready to experience Gold Pact?

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About us

We are Driven, Inclusive and Proud. Read more about our team and our facilities.


Offering different types of classes to match your personal experience and fitness goals.


Checkout our schedule to see when your favourite class is available and sign up now!


We offer different types of memberships. Are you a student? We offer a student discount.

Questions and answers

Absolutely not! CrossFit is about getting strong and healthy and we offer lessons for any level of fitness. If you have any questions or worries, please send us a message.

Every class in our schedule is guided by at least one professional coach. They will help you find scaled versions of movements that you might not be able to do because of your injury. 

If you have a very specific injury you would like to discuss, please get in touch with us  so we can better help you answer your questions.

Please visit our classes & schedule page to find out more!