We offer high quality workouts in a well-equipped box. When you join Gold Pact, you will be part of our proud, driven and inclusive community. We believe we can help you reach your goal to become healthy and fit and have fun while doing it!


Consistency is key for the best results and fastest way to achieve your personal goals. Our advice is the exercise 5 times a week for 60 minutes long. We offer multiple classes, including workouts of the day (WOD), yoga, running class, olympic lifting etc. An unlimited subscription will make it easier to attend to a wider variety of classes at CrossFit Gold Pact.


2 times a week

€ 89 per month

Schedule up to 2 workouts or Open Gym sessions per week


3 times a week

€ 105 per month

Schedule up to 3 workouts or Open Gym sessions per week



€ 125 per month

This will provide you with unlimited access to all workouts and Open Gym

15% student discount

Are you a student? We offer a 15% student discount on our unlimited and 3-times-a-week subscriptions.

Punch card

Punch card

10 classes

€ 130 for 10 classes

Schedule 10 workouts or Open Gym sessions (within 3 months)

Join us for a free trial lesson

Join our great community for a free trial lesson (no strings attached). We look forward to showing you around. 

Our trial lessons are suitable for both new and experienced CrossFit athletes. 


Are you an experienced CrossFit athlete, looking for a one-time Gold Pact experience? 

Schrijf je in voor een abonnement

Have you been to our box before or are you an experienced CrossFit athlete? Then you can directly sign up for a membership at CrossFit Gold Pact. Follow these simple steps to become part of our community!

Step 1

Download SportBit Manager

We use SportBit Manager for membership payments, scheduling and workout registration. 

Step 2

Register for an account

Signing up using the app won’t take more than 2 minutes. Use location Gold Pact during signup to join us.    

Step 3

Complete payment details and select a membership type

Set up recurring payments within the app and select either a subscription or a prepaid punch card.