2020. A year that was both awesome and a year that we don’t mind leaving behind us… We’ve put together this year in review to help remind everyone of all the awesome stuff that happened! Enjoy!


In January and February we created our box! With the help of many of our friends and family we transformed a bare warehouse into a CrossFit box. 

Building CrossFit Gold Pact


1 March 2020: Official opening of CrossFit Gold Pact!


Luck wasn’t on our side in 2020. The Corona crisis forced us to close down our facility after being open for just 2 weeks. To help our members to stay active we organised a weekly competition: the Quarantaine games.


After the first lockdown ended we were finally allowed to resume group lessons (outdoors). Our outdoors workout area offered amazing views of the city and gave us the chance to welcome many new members to our community.

"I came here to tan"

gold pact in the rain

Even the occasional storm couldn't stop us..


In June we expanded our schedule with weekly mobility classes. And we promoted drinking alcohol during a workout… don’t tell anyone ;).  

Drinking and running. Such a great combination

We strongly believe in our core values: driven, inclusive, proud. 2020 has shown us just how important it is to be inclusive and to show our stance on this. During a Townhall meeting with Crossfit CEO Eric Roza we asked him about his point of view on equity, diversity and inclusion within CrossFit. 


Honouring George Floyd

George Floyd HeroWOD

Our 100th member!


At the end of July we once again started offering indoor CrossFit classes. In August we expanded our schedule with Endurance classes. And we organised our first CrossFit Total! 

Intense PR-faces? Check 😀


During Halloween we dressed up and got together for a fun workout. 

Creeeeeeeeepy people

Merchandise Goldpact

Part time models

Our first line of merchandise


We’re nearing the end of the year. Unfortunately we ended 2020 similarly to how we started: in lockdown. But we are certain that this lockdown only makes our community stronger and more determined to stay active in 2021!


There’s a lot to be excited for in the new year: the CrossFit Open, our 1-year anniversary, more lessons, more specials and much more we haven’t announced yet! 

We wish you a very happy 2021 and we hope to see you soon!

Team CrossFit Gold Pact

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