Terms and conditions Gold Pact

Art. 1 Applicability 

These conditions apply to all members of GOLD PACT. At the moment of registration, members receive a copy of the terms and conditions. All members are given a copy of the terms and conditions and are assumed to have read and understood the terms and conditions before signing their contract. By signing, members agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Art. 2 Membership 

The definition of a membership is a contract of indefinite duration between GOLD PACT and the member. A membership is understood in the broadest way possible; one time visitors, such as drop-ins or trial members, and any other form of memberships that is purchased as a service/product from GOLD PACT by the member. The member is entitled to participate in the number of classes associated with their specific membership.

Art. 3a Membership costs 

Each member is required to pay GOLD PACT the membership fees relevant to the type of the membership. Membership fees are paid in advance by the member and will be collected automatically through monthly installments. The payment of the membership fees will be at the beginning of each month. Membership fees are subject to periodic increases.

Art. 3b Membership costs: failed payments 

In the event of a failed payment by the member, an automated email will be sent to the member in the same month, which will include a payment reminder and if needed, a follow-up email if the payment is not succeeded within a short period of time. If a member is unable to pay or refuses to pay the membership fees for another month or more after the direct debit date, GOLD PACT is allowed to deactivate a subscription for an indefinite amount of time until the payment is completed.

Art. 4 Duration and termination of membership 

Memberships will be automatically renewed for a period of one month at the rates prevailing at the time of renewal. If a member wishes to cancel their membership, he/she should send a cancellation email to info@goldpact.nl 10 days prior to the start of the month of cancellation. Memberships can only be cancelled after the first three full calendar months of membership at GOLD PACT.

Art. 5 Changing the membership

Members can request a change of their membership at any time. The changes will be effective starting the first day of the following month.

Art. 6 Pausing memberships 

Memberships can be paused at any time during active membership. However, the minimum duration of a membership pause is a full calendar month. Membership pauses can only be effective starting the first day of the following month, or in consultation with GOLD PACT,  and will have to be communicated by email no more than 10 days before the start of the first month of membership pause. A membership can not be paused indefinitely and members have to submit a starting date for when their membership will be set to active again. If there is no communication about a pending start date less than 10 days before the membership becomes active again, the member will automatically be invoiced on the first day of the starting month without the possibility of refunding.

Art. 7 Lessons 

GOLD PACT reserves the right to postpone or cancel scheduled classes without any refund or compensation in connection with public holidays, vacation time, due to a lack of signed in athletes, the illness of a coach, force majeure events, unforeseeable circumstances, or any other event beyond the reasonable control of GOLD PACT.

Art. 8 Behaviour of members 

Members are obliged to follow the house rules of GOLD PACT and live up to the values of GOLD PACT. Members will do everything in their power to not abuse the materials or facilities of GOLD PACT. Members are liable to pay for any negligent or deliberate damage to property. GOLD PACT reserves the right to cancel a membership, if unacceptable, rude or aggressive behavior is shown by a member . Coaches are responsible for the classes and therefore have full authority and final say.

Art. 9 Liability 

The usage of any materials and facilities at GOLD PACT are at the own risk of the member. GOLD PACT, or any of their executives or any other party using the facilities of GOLD PACT, are no liable for material or immaterial damage caused by an accident or injury of any member and/or third parties, irrespective of the cause of the damage, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of GOLD PACT or its executives. Members indemnify GOLD PACT for liability to a third party unconnected with their provision of services. GOLD PACT cannot be hold responsible to any loss or theft or any personal belongings or other items from member on the premises of GOLD PACT.

Art. 10 Photographic material 

Members will have to opt-in to give GOLD PACT permission to use photographic images and other types of recordings of groups and/or individuals, subject to appeal, for editorial publication or promotional purposes.

Art. 11 Video material 

Members will have to opt-in to give GOLD PACT permission to use video images and other types of recordings of groups and/or individuals, subject to appeal, for editorial publication or promotional purposes.

Art. 12 Privacy and data storage 

Personal data will be used exclusively for internal purposes and to optimize member experience. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties for profit, in compliance with Global Data Protection Regulation legislation. Personal data is stored safely and securely with GOLD PACT, or our partner SportBit Manager, Google Suite and MailChimp, with whom we have a Data Processing Agreement, ensuring the safe storage and use of personal data. GOLD PACT coaches and employees that have access to personal data, will only use this access for internal purposes and not personal interest or financial gain. All employees that have access to personal data will report to GOLD PACT’s Data Protection Officer and all personal data stored, used and analysed will be reported in an up to date record of processing activities under GOLD PACT’s responsibility as mandated in Article 30 the Global Data Protection Regulation.

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Terms and conditions Gold Pact