COVID-19 protocol

Starting 1 July our classes will once again continue indoors. Read more about how we aim to keep our members safe.

This protocol is is based on rules, regulations and recommendations of the RIVM (or the Outbreak Management Team), the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the City of Rotterdam. We are also in close contact with other CrossFit boxes in Rotterdam. 

This protocol keeps CrossFit Gold Pact and its members . Please take a moment to read it.

1. About this protocol

Requirements and advice given out by the Dutch government are the base of this protocol. For CrossFit Gold Pact this means that we make sure to follow all guidelines concerning sporting activities. 


2. Entering and exiting our facilities

a. Registering for classes

In order to attend a class each member needs to register in advance. This allows us to monitor who visits our facility at any time. 

b. Health check

Members will stay at home if they feel sick (or if anyone in your household is showing COVID-19 symptoms). Members may be asked to return home if they show up with obvious symptoms of COVID-19 (coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, etc). 

c. Entering and exiting the facility

  1. Members are encouraged to enter the facility using the regular entrance (marked with ‘welcome’). 
  2. Every member disinfect their hands when entering and exiting the facility;
  3. Members may exit the facility using the large roll up door. 

3. Floor lay-out

We have chosen not to mark individual workout spaces on the floor of our workout area. Our coaches encourage all members to keep 1,5 meters during class. 

4. Changing rooms, toilets and showers are open

Members are allowed to use the changing rooms, toilets and showers again. Please keep 1,5 meters distance. 

5. Chill-area is open

Cafe the reCOFFEEry is open. Every member is welcome to chill before or after a workout. Please keep 1,5 meters distance to other members. 

6. Classes

  • The equipment will be cleaned before and after use by a member or coach (we schedule time for cleaning before and after the class);
  • We introduce a 10-minute time slot between each class to ensure enough time to clean equipment. This also allows for more time to exit the workout area.

7. Cleaning

There is a strict cleaning schedule in our facility:

  • Members wash their hands when entering and leaving the workout area;
  • Before and after every class the equipment is cleaned thoroughly;
  • The workout area is mopped every day.
  • We make sure to disinfect door handles and table surfaces often. 

8. Miscellaneous

  • Members who feel sick must sign out of classes and stay at home;
  • Members must follow up all instructions given to them by the staff of CrossFit Gold Pact. CrossFit Gold Pact reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises that does not follow the instructions.
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