To help you remain fit and healthy during this crisis we present you with the Quarantaine Games! 

10 workouts, 10 weeks. Do you have what it takes to bring your home workouts to the next level? We challenge you!

How does it work?

New workout every Friday

For 10 weeks we will publish a new workout on Friday (before 09:00 in the morning). You will find the workout on the top of this page. Every workout includes a video description of all the movements and a handy scorecard;

Complete the workout before Monday 20:00

You have four days to perform the workout and send us your score. This gives you plenty of time to even try it twice... or three times. As often as you like 🤓.

Submit your score

Below the workout video you will find a score submit form. Use that to log your score. We will publish/update the leaderboard every Monday evening.

Win a prize!

To make these challenging times more fun we are giving away a number of prizes to all participants of the Games. Prizes include bar credit for our reCOFFEEry cafe, t-shirts and more! All you have to do is join the Games and submit your score (at least once). The more often you submit a score, the higher your changes of winning will be!


Latest update: Thu 28 May

Top 3 women:

1. Christina D

13 points

2. Rebecca

16 points

3. Cathy

29 points

Top 3 men:

1. Barili

5 points

2. Sander

17 points

3. Rudy

21 points

Questions and answers

Who can join?

Anyone can join our games. All Gold Pact members are welcome to join the Games for free. 

What if I’m not a Gold Pact member?

You are most welcome to join our Games as well! Simply complete this weeks workout and submit your score. We will send you a one-time Tikkie of €25 afterwards. This will give you access to all weekly workouts in the Games. We greatly appreciate your support ♥️.

Do I need special equipment?

No, all workouts can be done at home. We might require you to use your vacuum cleaner on occasion though 😉. 

Is this for all levels of fitness?

Anyone is welcome to join and we make sure that all workouts are challenging, but do-able for every level. 

How can I win a prize?

For each time you submit a score we add a ticket with your name to our draw. When the Quarantaine Games come to an end we will randomly pick the winners. To spread the chance of winning you can only win 1 prize per person. 

We are also giving away prizes to those of you who score highest in the competition. Your best 5 scores count towards the final leaderboard. This means you can enter the competition at a later stage and still have a chance of winning the Quarantaine Games. We distinguish between male and female contestants.