Classes & schedule

Our programming is based on the principles of CrossFit and suitable for athletes of any experience level. We offer challenging scaling options appropriate to current level of fitness. 

We follow CompTrain programming, designed by Ben Bergeron. Ben is considered one of the top coaches in CrossFit and he coaches some of the greatest athletes in our sport. 

Every day we offer a WOD that’s suitable for athletes of any level and that will keep you busy for an hour. For our more experienced athletes the WOD can be extended with a pre- and post workout program in the Open Gym. 

Our classes


Workout of the day (WOD)

Our WODs are programmed to challenge both new and experienced CrossFit athletes. 

Want to work on your Olympic lifting (OLY) skills? We include these movements as part of our WOD. 


Competitor class

This class is designed for athletes that master all movements of CrossFit and want to perform a longer workout consisting of the full CompTrain training including Strength or Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning and Gymnastic Skill work or Body Armor. 

During this 1,5 to 2 hour class, there is less talking, more action 😉.


Mobility class

Flexible and healthy muscles help you to better perform during workouts and it greatly benefits your recovery process. Our mobility class focusses on mobility and core strength and will help you work towards your fitness goals. 


Endurance class

Our Endurance class will help you boost your aerobic capacity. Besides working on your running technique, other endurance types such as rowing are also part of the class. 

Want to work on your metabolic conditioning and your stamina? Struggle with maintaining your pace? These classes will teach you how to work on your fitness, technique and more. Some valuable features during the other workouts! 


On bank holidays or sometimes on Sundays we organise special workouts for our community. These can be hero WODs or special endurance workouts. We guarantee you that you’ll have fun! 

Keep an eye out on the schedule to discover our specials. Members get notified when a new special is scheduled. 

Our schedule


Join us for a free trial lesson

Join our great community for a free trial lesson (no strings attached). We look forward to showing you around. 

Our trial lessons are suitable for both new and experienced CrossFit athletes. 


Are you an experienced CrossFit athlete, looking for a one-time Gold Pact experience? 

Want to keep your team healthy and fit?


CrossFit for Business

Outdoor and online

Challenge your colleagues for a weekly (remote) workout session. We currently offer indoor and online sessions. Our classes are a great way to bring your team together when everyone is working from home. 

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Sign up for a membership

Have you been to our box before or are you an experienced CrossFit athlete? Then you can directly sign up for a membership at CrossFit Gold Pact. Follow these simple steps to become part of our community!

Step 1

Download SportBit Manager

We use SportBit Manager for membership payments, scheduling and workout registration. 

Step 2

Register for an account

Signing up using the app won’t take more than 2 minutes. Use location Gold Pact during signup to join us.    

Step 3

Complete payment details and select a membership type

Set up recurring payments within the app and select either a subscription or a prepaid punch card.